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Ascoli Piceno won the 20th InterCity League

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ICLThis victory, the seventh for Ascoli Piceno in the twenty editions of Intercity League played since spring 2004, was the most distressing. Niksic, the runner up, proved to be a team which didn’t know the word “surrender”; the first match ended tie, 55-55 in twenty-four boards; Ascoli won the repetition by 47-23, that is an overall average of less than three IMPs per hand. The crux came in the second half of the match, when Montenegrins had two terrible misunderstanding in defence, allowing the Declarer to make contracts which in other table hadn’t been called, and since then Ascoli Piceno never relinquish the lead. These were the gallant opponents:

Vesna Dacic, Goran Erakovic, Julian Hristov, Vasil Valchev.

Ascoli Piceno presented a considerably renewed team; Piero Millevoj and Fabio Colasante made fixed pair bidding Neapolitan Club (before they alternated with Paolo Enrico Garrisi), and Garrisi played with the new entry, Patrizia Lomartire of Taranto. The latter pair bid a standard system with some features of Neapolitan Club, as constructive weak twos (necessary to sound one level opening), the jump overcall with 12-14 one suiter hand, the try to ascertain controls for NT contracts, and a partial application of the Principle of Preparedness.

It was feared that the pair Garrisi-Lomartire, quite new, would have been the underbelly of the team, and in facts things started rather badly: after three matches of the qualification group the team was seventh out of ten. But they were working on each bad result, and the accord eventually improved. The victory came mainly from to the endurance of Colasante-Millevoj, who were going on careless of results which were coming from the other table.


InterCity League winners:

20th edition (autumn 2013, ended in February 2014): Ascoli Piceno, Italia. This edition was directed by Paolo Enrico Garrisi and Willem Mevius, appointed by Tonci Radelja, the founder of Intercity League who passed away in November.

19th (spring 2013): Ascoli Piceno

18th (autumn 2012): Wroclaw, Poland

17th (spring 2012): Cardiff, Wales

16th (autumn 2011): Ascoli Piceno

15th (spring 2011): Napoli, Italia

14th (autumn 2010): Ascoli Piceno

13th (spring 2010): Ascoli Piceno

12th (autumn 2009): Haskovo, Bulgaria

11th (spring 2009): Ascoli Piceno

10th (autumn 2008): Leerdam, The Netherlands

9th (spring 2008): Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia

8th (autumn 2007): Milano, Italia

7th (spring 2007): Ascoli Piceno

6th (autumn 2006): Connacht, Ireland (first participation of Ascoli Piceno, eliminated in qualification group)

5th (spring 2006): Zagreb, Croatia

4th (autumn 2005): Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

3rd (spring 2005): Köln, Germany

2nd (autumn 2004): Skopje, Macedonia

1st (spring 2004): Beograd, Serbia




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