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Angelini loses before the CONI

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 The Italian Federation (FIGB) wins against Francesco Angelini in the arbitrate on the “Varese Case” before the Olimpic Committee (CONI). First, let’s recall what happened in the final stage of the National Championships for clubs of 2010 (the so called “Societari”). In the semifinal against Varese, Angelini won the match, but Varese complained that they lined up three Norwegian players not resident in Italy, so breaking the rules that stated their residence in Italy and no more than two foreign players per team. After a long waiting – more than a year! – Varese won, but Angelini suited the FIGB before the CONI’s Arbitrate Court for the Sport (thereinafter, simply “Court”).

Here we sum up what the parts asked to the Court and the decisions (here the complete sentence, only in Italian: open >>).

The FIGB first asks the Court to dismiss the Angelini’s application; too late, they say: over a month after the email that communicated Varese’s won. No, it was in time, the Court decided: the FIGB should have communicated the outcome by paper mail.

In the core of the question, Angelini asked the Court to cancel the FIGB’s rules which limit the foreign players participation. These laws – Angelini argued – discriminate people and violate the equality principle; what’s more, were violated the European Union’s principle of free establishment of workers.

The FIGB replied that their rules aren’t discriminating, just to suit technical necessities.

The Court decided they were right: those laws, infacts, are used in other sportive Federations as well. Moreover, the Court decided not to be concerned of the matter: it competes to the ordinary judge, not to the sportive one.

The final decision is to reject the Angelini’s lawsuit, but, because the complexity of the matter, to divide the expenses between the parties.

 Here the full dossier by Neapolitan Club on Angelini’s disqualification: open >>


February 29, 2012


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