5th South American Transnational Bridge Festival: A confused Final

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Santiago 2014 2The 5th South American Transnational Bridge Festival was held from 17 to 24 May, 2014 at Sheraton Hotel in Santiago (Chile).

The team Santiago won the Women tournament: Paula Riedel, Adriana Deik, Lisi Covarrubias, Odette Yanine, Monica Yussem and Hilda Bahna. They defeated in the final match the team Paulistanas: Vera Gama, Lia Tajtelbaum, Lucilia Pereira, Cecilia Malta, Maria Tereza Falk, Rosa Gorescu.

In the Open tournament the finalist teams were Chagas ( M. Castello Branco, D. Brenner, E. Muzzio, G. Chagas) and Perula (J. Upmark, F. Nystrom, F. Wrang , M. Cem Tokay, J. C. Ventin, M. Michelsen). Due to technical reasons, both teams won the title.

As reported by NewInBridge:

 The final stages of the 5th Transnational South-American Bridge Championships as held in Santiago de Chile last weekend were pretty confusing. The finals in the open teams were played between between Team Chagas (Castello-Branco, Brenner-Chagas-Muzzio) and Team Perula (Ventin-Wrang, Nyström-Upmark, Tokay-Michielsen). The Daily Bulletin mentioned that both teams won due to technical problems but gave no further explanation. We approached the President of the South-American Bridge Federation, Ernesto D’Orsi for more information. Mr. D‘Orsi confirmed: “We had problems in the final with the duplication of some boards.  Also some players left the playing room before playing the substitute boards; in this case they could be aware of the status of the match and the match could not proceed (according to the Laws). Since the two boards to be played could change the result of the match, I proposed and both teams accepted to share the title (As a matter of fact these two boards were played but not considered).”

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