2015 International Festival of Paris

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logo parisThe World Champion Philippe Soulet and other French Stars are organizing the First International Festival of Paris. This event will be held at the magnificent surroundings of the Paris Country Club from 5th to 11th November 2015.

Prior to the International Festival of Paris, a championship of Paris will be held on 5th and 6th November in partnership with Funbridge devoted to novice, intermediate and recently advanced players.

From 7th to 11th November, Mixed pairs, IMP’s and Open tournaments will take place with great prizes in money and in-kind.

Simultaneously, novice and intermediate players who do not wish to participate in the main tournaments (presumably stronger) will be offered special tournaments with boards analysis sheets.

And everyday there will be a cocktail party followed by an optional dinner with musical entertainment or a bridge debate with champions.

The International Festival of Paris takes place under the auspices of the bridge committee of Paris, the French Bridge Federation and under the presidency of José Damiani (former WBF President) and Patrick Grenthe (current President od FFB – Fédération Française de Bridge).

Detailed info at the official site of the event: click here »

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