2014 Opatija EC: Polish Open Team

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Jacek Kalita 01Cezary Balicki – Adam Żmudziński, Krzysztof Jassem – Marcin Mazurkiewicz, Jacek Kalita – Michał Nowosadzki (Nazional Team) will represent Poland in the forthcoming European Championships in Optatija (Croatia). They won the challenge match against Przemysław Janiszewski – Sławomir Zawiślak, Marek Jeleniewski – Lech Ohrysko, Wojciech Gaweł – Rafał Jagniewski (The Challengers).

The Challengers withdrew at the end of round 6/8 when the National Team led 79,59 – 40,41.

As Laura Cecilia Porro explained us: “In Poland the Open team is selected through a very complex process. A series of pairs and teams tournaments select a team that has the right to challenge the current Open team. If the current Open team win, they retain their status and the right to represent Poland in the next year. If the current Open team lose, they can ask for a rematch within four weeks of the first match. The winner of the rematch becomes the new Open team. Both these matches are 160 boards long, played in 8 20-board segments.”.

In this case there will be no rematch because the challenge match was won by the current national, that is the team which represented Poland at the World Championship in Bali, with the pair Jacek Kalita – Michał Nowosadzki instead of Krzysztof Buras – Grzegorz Narkiewicz.

Buras and Narkiewicz resigned from the Polish Open Team before the challange match.  Grzegorz Narkiewicz explained the reasons in a brief interview to Neapolitan Club a few days ago:

“The reasons of our resignation are rather personal and there are no hidden motivation. After about ten years of presence in professional circuit everybody could be tired playing about 35-40 weeks each year. Last few years were particularly stressful and tensed: We started playing for national team in Ostend 2010 and we played, in addition to our engagements in open tournaments, all championship events, ending usually in medal zone (Ostend 2010, Lille 2012, Bali 2013) what made about two weeks of play, in especially high tension, as usual when you play for your country, and against strong opponents. As both of us – Krzysztof and me – are relatively young, have family life, growing children – we decided to take a short breath and dedicate substantially more time for our families. Of course we will be able to consider the come back to national team, after some time of pause, if officials of PBU will want to have us there. Playing for our country is always great honor for me and our come back in the future, closer or further cannot be excluded.”

Marek Wojcicki, coach of the Polish pen Team, commented on the Narkievicz’s interview: “It is a real loss for Polish team, but I understand the reasons and I hope that Buras-Narkiewicz will be back at Polish open team after some rest”.


Laura Camponeschi


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