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2013 Spingold Round of 64: Emotions Winners and Survivors

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Spingold CupThe first emotion of the event has come from Monaco, 2011 and 2012 winners, who failed to register in time; but after they were allowed to play, also keeping the number one (the thrilled guys were the Organizing Committee).

The survivors are Diamond Team, 2010 winners, who have not lost against Zhao (67th, the last one), by 168-167, one IMP; honour to Haibo Zhao and Wanging Liu, Hai Gates, Denis Racine.

The revolutionary uproar, failed by one IMP at table three, succeeded at table eleven, where the gallant Scottish of Stephen Peterkin and Samantha Punch defeated the strong team of Andrew Rosenthal and his champions Bjiorn Fallenius, Peter Fredin, Aaron Silverstein, Johan Upmark and Fredryk Nystrom. At the next table, the twelfth, another upheaval: Omer Ekinci (53rd), defeated Jim Mahaffey, Tony Forrester, Walid Elamhady, Tarek Sadek, and the strong Italian pair Giorgio Duboin with Antonio Sementa.

The largest victory was by Gromow, +162; with Dubinin Gromow are playing Norberto Bocchi and Agustin Madala. The higher amount of IMP was by Jimmy Cayne, 238, with Lorenzo Lauria and Alfredo Versace.

All was normal at table twenty-two, where the strongest team of Gaylor Kasle defeated Patricia Cayne and her Italians, Dano DeFalco and Gabriella Olivieri, seeding 43rd. Thus, after the first round, are remaining only two out of the four Italian pairs.

The most interesting match of the upcoming Round of 32 is Bob Hamman against Rose Meltzer, respectively 2011 and 2010 runners-up.

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