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2011 Vilnius Cup is under way

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 The Vilnius Bridge Festival is one of the most beautiful and challenging East European bridge tournaments. The event takes place from September 29 to October 2 at Pramogu Arena in Vilnius (same location as last year).  Held in Lithuania each year since the Sixties, it will see top-level participants including Italian stars Lauria and Versace.

The Vilnius Bridge Festival comprises four competitions: commercial pairs, open pairs, open team and mixed pairs. The mixed pairs tournament has been added this year.

Commercial pairs and mixed pairs tournaments have been played yesterday, Thursday, September 29.

Today the open team is underway. The final of this competition will be played Sunday,  October 2.

Pairs tournament will be played tomorrow, Saturday, October 1.

For the first time an overall classification will be scored and rewarded. The winner will receive the trophy dedicated to the memory of Jan Romański, Polsih tournament director, creator of the bridge software which enabled to raise the presentation of the tournament results to century level, who died in June 2011.

There will be also the prize, dedicated to the memory of Polish player, who died in November 2010, Leszek Kwiatkowski. It will be given to the highest placed in overall classification Polish pair (the players, who gained all the pdf points together). The reward will be the hotel accomodation and entry fees to the next year Vilnius Cup.

The last edition of Vilnius Bridge Festival was the official debut of new Zaleski’s team: Lorenzo Lauria, Alfredo Versace, Valerio Giubilo and Romain Zaleski.

Zaleski team  (BRENO) is also partecipating this year.

Yesterday the pairs Lauria-Giubilo and Versace-Zalesky played the commercial pairs. Tomorrow in the open pairs the partnership will change: Giubilo will partner with the sponsor Zaleski and Lauria will partner with his historical pard Versace.

Today Zaleski’s team is playing in open team tournament and we hope to see Italian players in Sunday’s final.

The matches are broadcast on BBO.

Programme, Results & Running scores >>





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