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2011 Italian Club Team Championships: final stage is coming

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2011 Italian Club Team Championships. The Italian “Campionati Societari” (Club Team Championships) final stage will start – 22-25 of September – at Palazzo dei Congressi di Salsomaggiore Terme, next to Parma. There will be the semi-finals and finals of Open and Women Category. The Open winning team will play the 2012 Champions Cup. The Team Associato Allegra of Turin (that is Lavazza Team), winner of 2010 edition, will represent Italy in 2011 Champion Cup that will be held in Bad Honnef, in northern Germany (Westphalia), since 17th to 22nd of November.

In the Open semifinals, Bridge Reggio Emilia faces the S.S.D. Angelini Bridge Srl, and Associato Allegra (Lavazza) faces Bridge Val di Magra (La Spezia). The name of the latter comes from the wonderful valley, made by Magra River, that parts Liguria and Toscana.

There are many great champions in this event, but the greatest is in Angelini Team: it lines up Benito Garozzo, the Italian Legend; his teammates are Leonardo Cima, Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes and the same Francesco Angelini. On the other hand, Mrs Lavazza has in her team all the six players in Veldhoven Bermuda Bowl: Norberto Bocchi, Agustin Madala, Giorgio Duboin, Antonio Sementa, Alfredo Versace, Lorenzo Lauria. In addition to these, also Romain Zaleski and Valerio Giubilo play for Lavazza team in this event.

The past year edition was troubled because the disqualification of Angelini Team after the complaint of Varese. As our readers can remember, they were banned because the employing of three foreign players – the Norwegians – who were not resident in Italy. Also it must be said that Angelini applied to Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) against the Bridge Italian Federation (FIGB). The suit is still ongoing. ( read here>>)

In Women Semifinals, Bridge Reggio Emilia faces Bridge Varese and Bridge Catania faces Circolo della Vela (Ancona). The Sicilians of Catania hold the 2010 title (the championesses: Aurora Di Pietro, Caterina Ferlazzo, Sondra Gianino, Piera Maggi, Gabriella Manara, Pinella Prato)


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