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2010′s Viterbo Trophy: the winners are… Carpentieri – Guarino

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114 pairs have played the Città di Viterbo Trophy, the tourney held every Autumn in the fine Etruscan town of northern Lazio. The winners have been Carlo Carpentieri (Wolfdance in BBO) and Mario Guarino.

In the second place are two aggressive young players (eight points openers, 12-15 1NT, strong club): Mario Mastrantonio and Simone Simoni. Thirds Grillo-Vitale; fourth comes the first woman: Annarita Treossi with Renzo Mieti. The second of the women is in seventh place: Virginia Falà Cosignani with Giorgio Della Santina; this pair is from Ascoli Piceno.

Overlooking down along the ranking, we discover names used to be in higher places: Paolo Giove, Franco Masoero, Carla Gianardi, Vincenzo delle Cave, Antonio Latessa, etc. It happened that the lads, also many under 20 as Giuseppe Delle Cave with Margherita Chavarria, have taken the places of their daddies.

Here’s an interesting hand by the winners:


Carpentieri. West Guarino East
1♣ Pass
1♠ Pass 3* Pass
3NT Pass Pass Pass





3: 18-19 bal. and four cards spade support.








♠Q1059751097♣J972   ♠63AJ436532♣KQ6


The 3NT by Carpentieri is a clear warn that he hasn’t ruff skill, then the intelligent choice of Guarino, who passes instead to bid 4♠.

After ♣2 exit, Carpentieri has ducked twice, then 6 to King. East won and played 3 for Carpentieri’s ten.

What the Declarer needed in this hand was the third trick in spades: he can lose the spade queen, but he cannot allow the dangerous side, West, take the lead. Then a fine avoidance playing: ♠J on table! And, furthermore, because the hook works, are 3NT+1 and the top. But even 3NT were a very good result.


 by Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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