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2010’s Europeans: Italy vs Lithuania reported by Gluck ( fifth match)

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In the fifth round we are engaged against Lithuania, which is not going very well although we are only at the beginning. Bocchi and Madala in open room, Duboin Sementa in closed one.

This match confirms the values expressed by the ranking: rather imprecise our opps, and unfortunate so much which is good for us. Moreover, when someone does not play well is also often unfortunate … incapacity and bad luck go hand in hand.

So, a few hand  are enought to fly away (+8 +11 +1 +13 +13 in the first 5) and then ours try to play safety. However, an match which could have no history, has in any case shown a little bit of nervousness in the pair Giorgio  –  Antonio. Legend tells (actually it was the operator vugraph that told us) that the word “idiot” flew one or two times during a easy to slam undeclared.

 In Italy we say ‘calm and plaster’: mistakes can be maden and they did, but in this case at least have the advantage not to be too expensive, but for vanity.

 Also because They have been taken by declaring and doing a good 5quadri althougt with a little help from their opponents, really soft.


Final 25-2, too easy.

At 16.15 vs Scotland.


Gluckenval, the official commentator BBO Vugraph







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