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2010′s Buffett Cup: The title back to America

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The U.S. win the trophy with three rounds before the end.  The result is  101-79 with 18 points still to stake. Congratulations to the American battleship, which deservedly won the tournament, showing all segments of the same (in pairs, especially in the individual,  and team) a solid majority.

It must be said that perhaps among European pairs lacked some of the best in Europe. For example there were not  Lorenzo Lauria and Alfredo Versace, as well as pairs of Eastern Europe: this is probably due to the contemporary festival in Vilnius, Lithuania, perhaps the most important tournament of the entire Eastern Europe, which started today and of which you can read about in another article.

If I were the organizer, I would confirm  Claudio Nunes  and Fulvio Fantoni  as well as Giorgino Duboin and Antonio Sementa, and still Helgemo and Helness, and I’d  make a few adjustments as indicated above.

However positive the pairs formed by the two German girls, Auken and von Arnim, as well as good and the new pair  Brogeland Saelensminde. I would say instead that  the English pair of brothers that Hackett has offered a performance below expectation.

Rather difficult to rank of merit among Americans, in addition to the fact their top pair Meckstroth & Rodwell, who confirmed to be a cut above all others, the other five pairs of them have played at the highest level.

We’ll make in the U.S.,  in two years.


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