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Narkiewicz and Buras resigned from Polish Open Team


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Narkiewicz (Louk Herber)As announced by,  Grzegorz Narkiewicz and Krzysztof Buras resigned from the Polish Open Team. Narkiewicz and Buras are two of the strongest and well-known Polish champions. They played for many years in Polish open team achieving brilliant successes: the last one was the bronze medal at the World Championships in Bali 2013.

Therefore, I asked Grzegorz Narkiewicz to explain the reasons for this unexpected withdrawal from the national team and to clarify whether the withdrawal was permanent or temporary.

These are Narkiewicz ‘s answers:

“The reasons of our resignation are rather personal and there are no hidden motivation. After about ten years of presence in professional circuit everybody could be tired playing about 35-40 weeks each year. Last few years were particularly stressful and tensed: We started playing for national team in Ostend 2010 and we played, in addition to our engagements in open tournaments, all championship events, ending usually in medal zone (Ostend 2010, Lille 2012, Bali 2013) what made about two weeks of play, in especially high tension, as usual when you play for your country, and against strong opponents.

As both of us – Krzysztof and me – are relatively young, have family life, growing children – we decided to take a short breath and dedicate substantially more time for our families.

Of course we will be able to consider the come back to national team, after some time of pause, if officials of PBU will want to have us there. Playing for our country is always great honor for me and our come back in the future, closer or further cannot be excluded.”


Laura Camponeschi


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Narkiewicz e Buras si ritirano dalla nazionale open polacca


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Narkiewicz (Louk Herber)Come annunciato da, Grzegorz Narkiewicz e Krzysztof Buras si sono ritirati dalla nazionale open polacca. Narkiewicz e Buras sono tra i più forti e noti campioni polacchi, hanno militato per molti anni nella nazionale open del loro paese conseguendo brillanti successi, l’ultimo dei quali è stato il bronzo ai mondiali di Bali 2013.

Ho chiesto a Grzegorz Narkiewicz di spiegare le ragioni di questo inaspettato ritiro dalla nazionale e di chiarire se tale ritiro fosse definitivo o temporaneo.

Ecco le sue risposte:

“Le ragioni del nostro ritiro sono piuttosto personali e non c’è nulla da nascondere. Dopo circa dieci anni di presenza nel circuito professionistico chiunque sarebbe stanco di giocare circa 35-40 settimane ogni anno. Questi ultimi anni sono stati particolarmente stressanti per noi: abbiamo iniziato a giocare per la squadra nazionale a Ostenda nel 2010 e abbiamo giocato, oltre ai nostri impegni in tornei open, tutti i campionati ufficiali, arrivando spesso in zona medaglia (Ostenda 2010, Lille 2012, Bali 2013). Questi eventi significano due settimane di attività agonistica sotto pressione, come succede in competizioni in cui si rappresenta il proprio paese contro avversari forti.

Dato che Krzysztof ed io siamo relativamente giovani – e la vita familiare, con i bambini piccoli, richiede sempre maggiori attenzioni –  abbiamo deciso di tirare il fiato e di dedicare più tempo alla famiglia.

Ovviamente, dopo questa pausa, saremo disponibili a rientrare nel circuito della nazionale polacca, se la nostra federazione ce lo chiederà. Giocare per il nostro Paese è sempre un grande onore per noi e non escludo, in un futuro più o meno prossimo,  il nostro ritorno in nazionale.”


Laura Camponeschi


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Grzegorz Narkiewicz: I miei nuovi compagni di squadra (intervista)


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Grzegorz NarkiewiczA partire dalla prossima estate (Spingold 2013), Norberto Bocchi e Agustin Madala giocheranno i Nationals americani insieme a Gromov-Dubinin e Narkiewicz- Buras. La notizia è arrivata proprio dall’intervista che Grzegorz Narkiewicz ha rilasciato qualche giorno fa a Norberto. Così abbiamo chiesto a Grzegorz di raccontarci qualcosa di più su questo nuovo progetto. Read the full story

Grzegorz Narkiewicz: New Teammates (interview)


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Grzegorz NarkiewiczIn the next cycle (starting with 2013 Spingold) Norberto Bocchi and Agustin Madala will play in the US Nationals with a new team: Gromov-Dubinin from Russia and Buras-Narkiewicz from Poland. The news came from the interview Grzegorz Narkiewicz granted Norberto some days ago. Thus, we asked Grzegorz to tell us something more about this new project. In homage to our many readers from Poland we also publish a Polish edition of the interview. Read the full story

Le interviste di Norberto Bocchi (8): Grzegorz Narkiewicz

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Norberto & Grzeg

A partire dall’estate prossima (Spingold 2013) Norberto Bocchi e Agustin Madala giocheranno i Nationals americani in squadra con la coppia russa Gromov-Dubinin e i polacchi Buras-Narkiewicz. Read the full story

Norberto Bocchi’s Interviews (8): Grzegorz Narkiewicz

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Norberto & GrzegIn the next cycle (starting with 2013 Spingold) Norberto Bocchi and Agustin Madala will play in the US Nationals with a new team: Russian Gromov-Dubinin and Poles Buras-Narkiewicz.

Grzegorz Narkiewicz is a raising star of Polish bridge. Together with Krzysztof Buras he obtained excellent results in the Junior and Open categories, including the silver medal in Ostend European Championships 2010 and in Lille World Bridge Games 2012.

Norberto Bocchi describes him thus: “Grzeg and his partner Krzysztof Buras belong to the next generation of Polish bridge: under the guide of Cezary Balicki and Adam Żmudziński they improved until they became one of the best rated pairs on the international market. Grzeg is a very friendly and a nice guy, always happy to joke and smile. At the table he tends to get upset, especially with his partner: I think his best quality is his table presence”.

Norberto Bocchi interviews Grzegorz Narkiewicz

Norberto Bocchi: How have you been captured by bridge?

Grzegorz Narkiewicz: In school at age 13.


NB:  Which system do you play with your partner?

GN: We play a natural system with multiple transfers in competition.


NB:  How would you describe your bridge style?

GN: It depends on the opponents’ style.


NB: Which is the first bridge book you read?

GN: The first is, of course, The bridge Stories by Edwin Kantar.


NB:  Is there a player who influenced your game?

GN: Probably not, but there are many I like to watch.


NB: Which is the best quality a partner can have?

GN: Probably to be calm and quick at analysing.


NB:  Which is your favourite tournament?

GN: The hardest is the Bermuda Bowl. The most pleasant is Juan les Pins.


NB: What is your most memorable happy moment at the bridge table?

GN: On 28/02/2003 at 4pm, I was playing in the Polish league and my son was born!


NB: Apart from your regular partner, who would you like to play with in an important tournament?

NG: There are many great players with whom I would like to play.


NB: Which teammates would you like to have (2 pairs)?

GN: At the moment we often play with Bobby Levin and Steve Weinstein, we are very happy to play with them. In July Krzysztof and I start playing with Agustin and you, and Andrej Gromov & Alexander Dubinin. I am sure we will be a fantastic team.


NB: Is there anything you do to avoid bad luck at the bridge table?

GN: If you play well then you also get lucky!


NB:  What is your favourite music? Apart from bridge books, which authors do you enjoy reading?

GN: I like listening to what I enjoy!  I like reading book by Lee Child and Harlan Coben.


NB:  Are you a sports fan, e.g. football?

GN: Of course Barcelona!


NB: Which is your favourite actor and actress?

GN: Tom Cruise and  Meg Ryan.


NB:  What do you do in your spare time when you are not playing bridge?

GN: Children, children, children!!!


Muchas gracias, Grzeg!

Adios y hasta muy pronto



(English edition by Laura Cecilia Porro for Neapolitan Club)

Grzegorz Narkiewic’s picture is courtesy of Elisabeth van Ettinger (NewInBridge)

Febraury 10, 2013

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