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The ALT Invitational

The success of the Columbus Alt last month encouraged us to organize more Alts. Last month’s tourney was named after the Spring Nationals, which were supposed to be held in Columbus, Ohio. The virus thwarted that one, but luckily bridge has quite a few online alternatives. This week’s Alt Invitational has the same, though extended, format as the aforementioned Columbus Alt. Extended? Yes, we start with a round-robin of seven matches, but ad a 24 board semifinal and a 36 board final. Therefore, this Alt takes an extra day. We hope to arrange a new Alt every three or four weeks. So, we are now on the brink of a series of (hopefully) great events joined by eight world class teams.

How to participate? Well, to enter an Alt is not that easy, as it is by invitation only. The field is carefully picked, where quality and honesty are the main criteria. We are aware of the fact that playing online offers lots of electronic opportunities to cheat. On the other hand, we are convinced that due to the ‘among peers’ factor we can achieve enough security. What bridge pro would put their reputation at stake?

Have fun with this one! The next Alt Invitational is scheduled already for the week of April 20th.

The Alt Invitational


Official site:

Teams, players, nicknames
Jacek Pszczola pikolo
Josef Blass bljosef
Jacek Kalita bridge24jk
Michal Nowosadzki bridge24mn
Sjoert Brink sjoertBr
Bas Drijver BasDr

Nicolas L’Ecuyer caucase
Paul Street Boulevard1
Ron Pachtman ronpa
Piotr Zatorski dzeronimo
Fred Pollack Fredp
Kamel Fergani fergani

Sabine Auken jcmax
Roy Welland roy
Reese Milner Reesem
Hemant Lall Hemantlall

Zhao Chen zhaochen
Liu Jing LiuJing
Bauke Muller beukertje
Simon de Wijs sm1
Louk Verhees loukie
Ricco van Prooijen riccovp

Gábor Winkler winkiboy
Miklós Dumbovich dumbovich
Balász Szegedi korszurku
Gál Hegedús gal
Csaba Szabó csaboka13

Team NL
Maarten Schollaardt skollie
Merijn Groenenboom MerijnG
Danny Molenaar dannymo
Tim Verbeek timve
Joris van Lankveld ennaji
Berend van den Bos BerendBs
Bart Nab bnab
Bob Drijver bobdrijver
Guy Mendes de Leon Guymdl
Thibo Sprinkhuizen Thibos

De Botton
Jason Hackett mutton
Alexander Hydes itsgrim
Janet de Botton capt Lulu
Artur Malinowski supermali
Thor Erik Hoftaniska kasper20
Thomas Charlsen tcharlsen

Team Meltzer
Nik Demirev ndemirev
Rose Meltzer rcm
Piotr Nawrocki nawrot
Piotr Wiankowski vifon_e
Bartosz Chmurski chmurka
Piotr Tuczynski miszczu


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