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EBL Elections: Results

The election of the EBL President and the EBL Executive Committee Members took place during the Ordinary General Assembly, held on Saturday 9th June at 10 AM at the Andromeda Hotel, Ostend (Belgium).



Results of the election  (44 on 46 countries represented; 123 ballots for all votes):


First vote:        Yves Aubry      45

                        Jan Kamras     45

Marc de Pauw 33 – removed

Second vote:   Jan Kamras     70 – Elected

Yves Aubry      53


12 elected members

95        Gilad Ofir (Israel) — new member

89        Paul Porteous (Ireland)

87        Eitan Levy (Israel)

85        Kari-Anne Opsal (Norway) — new member

76        Eric Laurant (Netherlands)

72        Philippe Cronier (France) — new member

68        Marc de Pauw (Belgium)

64        Josef Harsanyi (Germany)

57        Igor Chalupec (Poland) — new member

56        Jafet Olafsson (Iceland)

50        Peter Belkac (Slovakia) — new member

50        Sevinç Atay (Turkey)

8 Non-elected or non re-elected

39        David Harris (England) — outgoing member

37        Jurica Caric (Croatia) — outgoing member

35        Francesco Conforti (Italy)

27        Panos Gerontopoulos (Greece) — past member

20        Radek Kielbasinski (Poland) — outgoing member

14        Elisa Nicolas – Correa (Spain)

12        Giorgos Oikonomopoulos (Greece)

10        Olivier Audouard (France)

The new EBL Management Committee:

President: Jam Kamras (Sweden)

1st Vice-President: Josef Harsanyi (Germany)

2nd Vice-President: Marc de Pauw (Belgium)

Treasurer: Eric Laurant (Netherlands)

Hon. Secretary: Paul Porteous (Ireland)

Member: Igor Chalupec (Poland)

Member: Kari-Ann Opsal (Norway)



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