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Yeh Online Bridge World Cup comes to a close

yeh on lineSo the First Yeh Online Bridge World Cup has ended – but it heralds the start of a new chapter in the great history of bridge. Our congratulations go to the winning team, Lavazza: Norberto Bocchi, Emanuela Lavazza, Bénédicte Cronier, Giorgio Duboin, Agustin Madala, Sylvie Willard, and Maria Teresa Lavazza (NPC).

 The concept of the tournament was to showcase bridge as a modern game, pure, using all the technology available to promote a dynamic image, and attract as much media attention as possible.

Each venue provided great interest and there was some great bridge. I should especially mention the Beijing heat, where two teams were playing in an amazing setup created and supported by OurGame and where our partner, Mr Chen Yeh was welcomed.

 7 hours time difference on one side, 8 the other side, 15 in total and still we gathered altogether for the good of bridge, including Bill Gates, our best ambassador for worldwide bridge, Mr Guo Jinlong who was the host of the biggest World Mind Sports Games, Mr Giuseppe Lavazza who is one of the strongest supporters of bridge that we have.

 After the event Bill Gates tweeted: “This morning I played in the first-ever online @BridgeWorldCup. I hope this draws more people to the card game. I love playing.”

All the articles about the event, the bulletins etc can be found at and make great reading ! The site also has links to biographies and information about the players, the archived play records on BBO and some great photographs from the event.

 Such innovation is exciting for our wonderful game and keeps our future bright – watch out for more such events in the future !


Sent on behalf of José Damiani

Chairman of the Organising Committee

President Emeritus World Bridge Federation

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