Turkish Federation launches an investigation

Today the Turkish Federation (TBF – Türkiye Briç Federasyonu) has released the  followings:

An announcement to public from Turkish Bridge Federation

During the tournaments, thanks to referees’ careful trackings, there has been a doubt about Mr. Salim YILANKIRAN played by getting some illegal information via spectator Mr. Zafer TİGAN. Upon this, Bridge Federation launched an investigation. First of all, an investigation team was set up and this issue was tracked during the last two tournaments.

The investigation started on Sunday, the 4th of June at the end of ANKARA doubles. Written review, proofs and requests related to this problem were sent to us on the 5th of June.

Having analysed how the World and Europe Bridge Federations’ method of procedure were on similar subjects, a procedure will be followed by Turkey Bridge Federation Discipline Instructions.

Committee entitled to investigate this issue consist of people who are as a matter of principle good at bridge, experienced and have nothing with conflict of interest. Committee members are national players Murat MOLVA, Levent ÖZGÜL, Hakan GÖKSU, Cengiz ARIGÜN, Nuri CENGİZ, Nezih KUBAÇ and one of our good players Can BERKTAŞ. The board gathered at 16.00 on 06/06/2017 and at the of this meeting, they prepared a report and gave it to Turkey Bridge Federation.

Considering the report, TBF Management Board decided to refer Mr. Salim YILANKIRAN and Mr. Zafer TİGAN advisedly to Disicplinary Board. Also, a written statement will be sent to both sportsmen.

As a legal obligation, due to the subject’s nature; Youth and Sports Head Office will also be informed about this issue.

Issue has already been forwarded to Disciplinary Board and a decision taken by this board will be announced. Process will be shared with the sportsmen.

We believe that all our sportsmen will show a necessary sensibility on both tournaments and social media platforms until this event come to an end. Our federation is determined to investigate this allegation and also determined to defend the rights of people involved in this allegation.


TBF Management Board



Source: http://www.tbricfed.org.tr/

[English translation by Neapolitan Club]

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