Salvo won the World Mixted Teams in Sanya

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Salvo Team (Marc van Beijsterveldt - IMP Bridge)The team Salvo, captained by Anita Sinclair (with Marion Michielsen, Zia Mahmood, Sabine Auken, Roy Welland,Nafiz Zorlu) won the Gold Medal in the Transnational World Mixed Teams Championship in Sanya. In the final match Salvo defeated the Chinese team Geely Automobile that won the Silver Medal : Jianming Dai, Shen Yue Gui, Hongli Wang , Liping Wang, Lixin Yang, Yu Zhang and Wen Fei Wang (coach).

The name Salvo is in honour of the popular Turkish bridge player Salvador Assael, who passed away 2 years ago.

In all teams competitions in Sanya, the losers of the semi-finals are considered Bronze Medallists and will receive the Master Points awarded to the 3rd place: in this event the Bronze Medallist are Rossard (France/Poland) and Saic (Cina).


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