Montegrotto 2013: Buratti-Mariani won the Open Pairs

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Two days after his winning debut at “100 in due”, Andrea Buratti won the open pair as well, though with a different partner, Carlo Mariani instead of Monica Aghemo. The latter played with another championess, Monica Buratti, getting a by no means contemptible 20th place out of 112 pairs, and before other known champions.

The second place went to Arrigo Franchi and Matteo Montanari, the young pair who got the seventh place in the 2010 Champion Cup playing for Villa Fabbriche.

Third is a strong pair come from the Central Apennines’ plateaus, Sergio Freddìo (Perugia) and Berardino Mancini (L’Aquila). They are already known in Montegrotto: five years ago they won the International Team with the late Enzo Bassini. Fourth were Peter Gal and Gyogy Szalay (Hungary); fifth Franca Bracco and Giovanni Bruno.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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