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Lauria & Versace in the Top 16 of 2011 Slava Memorial Cup (Moscow)

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Slava Grinuk was born in 1970 an died in 1999. I have asked of him to Vladimir Ivanov, from Moskow. Vladimir narrated his story: “He was an ordinary bridge player from Moscow. He died young of cancer, and his friends, who were not bridge players, decided that the best thing they could do to commemorate him was to establish an annual tournament bearing his name.

They were rather wealthy so they sponsored the event. It started as a small Russian tournament, but in a few years became am international event. Now it is the most prestigious tournament held in Russia.

The touching part of the story that those guys are still sponsoring it despite the fact that they don’t know the first thing about bridge”

Thank you, Vladimir. It’s a moving story.

The Slava Memorial Cup will be played from February 18th to 20th in two distinct tourneys, one of 16 pairs and another of 40. All will play 15 rounds of 8 deals; the 16s in Italian round, the 40s in Swiss one. The results will be translated in IMP, then in VP. The tourney will be held in the Moskow City Golf Club.

The prize fund was also sponsored by T. Nokhaeva and T. Tazenkova.

 These are the 16 top players:

 1. J. PszczolaМ. Kwiecien. Poland

2. I. HerbstO. Herbst. Israel

3. Y. KhiuppenenV. Kholomeev. Russia

4. T. PononarevaV. Gromova. Russia

5. A. DubininA. Gromov. Russia

6. A. KowalskiR. Zaleski. Poland-France

7. P. TuszynskiP. Gawrys. Poland

8. A. ZmudzinskiG. Narkiewicz. Poland

9. D. VolkovS. Poroshin. Russia

10. T. BessisF. Volcker. Russia

11. E. GinossarR. Pachtman. Israel

12. L. LauriaA. Versace. Italia

13. F. MultonP. Zimmermann. France

14. E. SaelensmindeB. Brogeland. Norway

15. S. BrinkB. Drijver. Netherlands

16. B. MullerS. De Wijs. Netherlands

This is the tenth edition of the Trophy. Zia Mahmood and Roy Welland won in 2010. The only Italian victory was in 2007: Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio Nunes did. The Slava Grinuk’s friends have won always.


by Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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February 17, 2011


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