Hans Melchers: How The Netherlands will win the 2013 Bermuda Bowl

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In an interview with Jan van Cleeff (BridgeTopics.com) Hans Melchers, the Dutch sponsor who made the 2011 WC at Veldhoven possible, has revealed his plans for the near future of Dutch topbridge. He admits that Italy is favorite for the gold medal in Veldhoven. At the same time however Mr. Melchers is convinced that the gap between the new Blue Team and The Netherlands is narrowing.

In order to take the final hurdle Mr. Melchers intends to institute a selection group of gifted and experienced players fully committed to bridge. He hopes to reach a situation similar to the one in Italy where several top pairs are employed by the Lavazza coffee company. Mr. Melchers believes that this is the only way to go if you want to beat the Italians. His goal is to win the 2013 Bermuda Bowl held at Bali, Indonesia


source: BridgeTopics.com


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