Gianarrigo Rona: WBF’s duty is to guarantee security

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Gianarrigo RonaIn his letter to Jan van Cleeff – the editor of ­– Gianarrigo Rona President of the World Bridge Federation – explains the position of the WBF and at the same time expresses his regrets as to the withdrawal of the Israeli Women’s team from the Venice Cup in Bali.

Dear Jan,

This is a very unpleasant situation and in my position of WBF President and personally I am very sorry about the decision of the Israel Bridge Federation to withdraw, not only because I have the pleasure of having many great friends among the Israeli players and officers, but also because I consider the Israel Bridge Federation to be one of the most active in developing our beloved discipline.
The Indonesian Bridge Federation contacted the Indonesian Authorities  to find the right solution in order to obtain the Visas for the Israel representatives, and was informed  of the procedure to be followed. The Israel Bridge Federation thanked the Indonesian Bridge Federation and apparently accepted the suggested procedure.

The reason of the withdrawal have to be connected, as my friend Eitan Levy said, to the security.

Concerning the security of the participants, the Indonesian Bridge Federation gave the WBF their assurance that this would be provided and that all necessary precautions would be taken. The entire Nusa Dua area, which includes the Venue and the Hotels, is a closed and completely secure area. During the site visit by the  WBF Delegation this was verified and all the details checked.

The WBF has the duty to guarantee the welcome and security of all the participants, without any exception and that is what happened and will continue to happen in the future.

I don’t know which kinds of additional guarantees the Israel Federation aked about or did not have the opportunity, as Eitan said, to ask, and I can understand their regret, but knowing our Indonesian friends I am sure that they did everything was necessary to assure the participation and the security of the Israel representative, as all the other representatives, in Bali.

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