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German Federation: Opposition party dissolved

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DBVLast month a political front was born opposing the current President of the German Federation- and teammate of Dr. Wladow and Dr. Elinescu –  Ulrich Wenning , and some other  members of  DBV (Deutscher Bridge Verband) for their way of handling the Elinescu-Wladow Affaire.

The front advocated a change of the whole DBV-Board. The candidates for a new DBV-Board were: Nedju Buchlev (President) and Adam Romoth, Horst Oehle, Monika Fastenau, Christian Lepa, and Karl Junk (members).

In the days following the announcement of the project, some irreconciliable differences arose among the members of the front, so the project failed: the campaign has been stopped, the web page devoted to the project has been cancelled and Mr. Buchlev withdrew his candidacy.



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