BBO InterCity League: Sofia won the fall 2015’s Edition

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ICLThe Bulgarian Team of Sofia won for the second straight time the Intercity League; they defeated in final the Irish Team of Cloonboo. These are Sofia’s players: Vellislav Stefanov, Ogi Yochev, Valia Yaneva, Klimentin Nikolchev, Krasimir Borisov, Nikolay Yaninski, Dobromir Lazarov.

And these are Cloonboo’s: Maaijke, Willem and Joop Mevius, Karel de Raeymaker, Anna Onishuk.

Bulgarians dedicate the victory to their teammate Ogi, who played until semifinals and passed away little before Christmas.


Next ICL Edition will start on Wednesday 9th March.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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