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Battle in InterCity League (by Turbin)

Haskovo (Bulgaria), and Borgo Betilia (Italia), have tied 42-41. Borgo Betilia had lined up two Bulgarian friend, then a table was Bulgarian speaking and I have understood nothing from the speech, but the bridge was very eloquent!

Every hand a battle, every bid a competition, every card a trap! Was clear that the Bulgarian way to win must pass across fireworks or do not pass at all: an exciting and fun bridge resembling the old times fashion, the spirit of John Crawford, Dorothy Sims, Oswald Jacoby – well, not the same technique.

About the fair play: a declarer called wrongly, “made” instead -1; the opponents, distract, accepted. The captain of the “offending side” (i.e. the side that has called wrongly), has suddenly asked to adjust the result, lowering her score. Which captain? This is a worthless question: both, Jantien and Marion57, would have done the same.

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