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2016 United States Bridge Championship

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usbfThe United States Bridge Federation (USBF), started the Open United States Bridge Championship, which also will qualify teams for the World Bridge Games to be played in Poland at Wroclaw from 3rd to 17th September.

The USBF event is taking place at Grand Hyatt, Denver, CO; started on Friday, May 6th, and ending on Sunday, May 15th. Women Championship will take place from 30th May.

Nineteen teams registered for this event. Three had a bye to further stages (Gordon, Diamond and Fireman); sixteen teams entered the round robin; twelve of them qualified for the Round of 16.

The nineteen original teams were the following:

Bye to Quarterfinals:

Gordon: Gordon-Rajadhyaksha, Berkowitz-Sontag, Pszczola-Rosenberg

Bye to Round of 16:

Diamond: Diamond-Platnik, Greco-Hampson, Bathurst-Lall

Fireman: Fireman-Wolpert, Kranyak-Demuy, Hurd-Woolridge


Contestants in Round Robin. Qualified to R16 (in order of RR scoring):

1st Nickell: Nickell-Katz, Levin-Weinstein, Meckstroth-Rodwell

2nd Gupta: Gupta-Miller-Weichsel, Chambers-Schermer

3rd Robinson: Robinson-Boyd, Stewart-Woolsey, Hamman-Bramley

4th Schwartz: Schwartz-Graves, Bertens-Cheek, Compton-Passell

5th Fleisher: Fleisher-Martel, Del’Monte-Willenken, Grue-Moss

6th Coren: Coren-Bates-Garner, Ekeblad-Granovetter

7th Wolfson: Wolfson-Silverman, Cohen-Cohler, Kamil-Zia

8th Jolly: Jolly-Herman, Arbit-Tebha

9th Wildawsky: Wildavsky-Zur Campanile, Beatty-Robbins

10th Dinkin: Dinkin-Tunçok, Brescoll-Lien, Grossack-Grossack

11th Harris: Harris-Morgan, Jacobs-Vogel, Barron

12 Reynolds: Reynolds-Kerr, Pelka-Daniels


Not qualified:

13th McAllister: McAllister-Dwyer, Kriegel-Smith

14th Jacobus: Jacobus-Jacobus, Holligan-Janitschke-Smith

15th Humpreys: Humphreys-Winestock, Jones-Ware

16th Lo: Lo-Liu, Pettis-Shi


Round of 16 results at halfway (60 boards out of 120. Actually played by fourteen teams. Bold letters where the lowest seeded teams are leading):


Diamond-Dinkin 151-145

Fireman-Jolly 183-143

Nickell-Reynolds 275-28

Fleisher-Wildawsky 116-132

Schwartz-Harris 157-132

Wolfson-Gupta 98-92

Robinson-Coren 72-179




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