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2011 Tianjin Binhai Cup goes to Sweden

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2011 Tianjin Binhai Cup World – Men Elite Bridge Tournament  10 – 14 September Tianjin (China).  The Cup goes to Sweden: Fredrik Nystrom, Johan Upmark, Peter Fredin and Bjorn Fallenius. The winning team scored 132 VPs. Secon place to Netherlands with 118  VPs: Bas Drijver,  Sjoert Brink,  Drijver Ricco van Prooijen, Louk Verhees,  Anton Maas (coach) and Eric Laurant (captain). Third place to WBF Invitaton with 116 VPs: John Hurd, John Kranyak, Jack Zhao and Zhong Fu.

The England & Italy team reached the fourth place with 115,59 VPs: Paul Hackett, Tom Hanlon, Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes, Jason Hackett and Justin Hackett.

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