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2011 Italian Club Team Championships: Angelini vs Lavazza (Final 5/6)

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 2011 Italian Club Team Championships: Allegra Torino vs Angelini Roma. After the fourth of 6 segments, Allegra Torino (Lavazza) leads 140 -98 IMPs. Yesterday night, after the first segment Allegra took the lead: 31 to 21. After the second segment the score was really impressive: Lavazza 101 – Angelini 30. The whole Lavazza team had a perfect session, whereas the Angelini team’s performance fell short of expectation in this segment.

Many things did not work: almost all players have stumbled on mistakes leading to significant swings. The boards that determined the outcome of the match are: 17, 18, 26, 27 and 28. Michele Leone briefly analyzed these boards: click here>>

In the third segment Angelini team showed a better performance and won 46 to 28. The final score now is: Lavazza 129 – Angelini 79. Also the fourth segment was good for Angelini team (22 -11) that slightly closed the gap: 98 -140.

In the fifth segment again a recovery by Angelini (22-9). After fift segments of six the score is: Lavazza 149 – Angelini 120. In this segment Benito Garozzo, the Legend, 84 years old, plays a great 3NT +2. In the other room result is 3 NT +1: a word class IMP! (click here to open the video by Michele Leone >>)

Mrs Maria Teresa Lavazza has eight available players in her squad: Norberto Bocchi, Giorgio Duboin, Valerio Giubilo, Lorenzo Lauria, Agustin Madala, Antonio Sementa, Alfredo Versace and Romain Zaleski. And today all these players have been used in turn.

On the contrary, in Angelini team, the pair Nunes – Fantoni has played all the segments.

Tomorrow (Sunday) the sixth and last segment will be played at 10,00 (cet).



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