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14th World Youth Bridge Team Championships: The Winners

Posted on 05 August 2012

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14th World Youth Bridge Team Championships, Taicang City Stadium, Taicang, China, 25th July – 4th August 2012. In the Girls section Poland (coach Miroslaw Cichocki, Justyna Zmuda, Natalia Sakowska, Kamila Wesolowska, Magdalena Holeksa, Katarzyna Dufrat, Danuta Kazmucha, npc Leszek Nowaktook) took the gold medal by winning the finals against the Netherlands (Janneke Wackwitz, Sigrid Spangenberg, Natalia Banas, Magie Ticha, Jamilla Spangenberg, Judith Nab) by 232 to 168 imps. Bronze medal went to Italy: Giorgia Botta, Margherita Costa, Michela Salvato, Flavia Lanzuisi, Margherita Chavarria, Federica Butto and npc Emanuela Capriata.

The Netherlands (Aarnout Helmich, Joris van Lankveld, Gerbrand Hop, Chris Westerbeek, Ernst Wackwitz, Berend van den Bos, npc Bob Drijver and coach Agnes Snellers) won the gold medal in Juniors section defeating Isreal (Lotan Fisher, Gal Gerstner, Moshe Meyuchas, npc Gilad Ofir, Dror Padon, Lee Rosenthal, Eyal Erez) by 170 to 169.33. Bronze went to China: Ku Lai, Shen Jianqiu, Shao Yinpei, Chen Yichao, Hu Junjie, Jiang Yujie, npc Wang Xiaofeng.

In Youngsters section the gold medal went to Poland: Lukasz Witkowski, Michal Klukowski, Michal Gulczynski, Andrzej Terszak, Wojciech Kazmierczak, Igor Losiewicz, npc Wlodzimierz Krzysztofczyk. Silver medal went to USA1: Adam Kaplan, Andrew Jeng, Richard Jeng, Zachary Brescoll, Zachary Grossack, Adam Grossack. Bronze medal went to France: Baptiste Combescure, npc Christophe Oursel, Fabrice Charignon, Julien Bernard, Clement Laboureyre, Grégoire Lafont, Ivan Caillau. 


August 5, 2012

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