WBF’s Reply (#2) to Latvian Federation Letter (#3)

To: LBF President
To: WBF President
To: WBF Operations Director

Dear Jelena,

dear President

We refer to your letters dated 6th and 7th April 2022

• The intent of the Preamble to the SCoC is that they take precedence over the GCoC. One can argue that the wording could make that even more clear.

• Special measures can always be taken by the Championship Committee on site during an event, based on the “situation on the ground”, without requiring approval of the Executive Committee (which can rarely be assembled on such short notice).

• The Credentials Committee is only involved in a player’s eligibility, in a general sense, to compete at an event for the NBO in question. Once admitted other operational matters are handled by the Championship Committee on site, of which the Operations Director and Head TD are members.

• The relevant part of article 4.4 which the addition refers to is that the player must represent the NBO (as well as complying with any age and/or gender restrictions) of the player substituted for. Any other interpretation is illogical in context but, again, the formulation could be clearer.

• Article 3.6 is subject to interpretation and could also be better formulated. It is interpreted as relating primarily to the player, rather than the event. In other words, if a team is out of one event it is no longer ongoing for players of that team. This interpretation considers the circumstances, i.e. the Covid situation, under which it was applied.

• Mr. Willenken was allowed to play once he provided proof of a negative Covid test, like all other players, following the announcements made on the day general testing was required.

• No female substituted for a man. A. Lin substituted for C. Bjerkan who substituted for D. Rosenberg, and K. Rosenberg substituted for C. Willenken.

• The line-up of the USA 1 team was valid, since it complied with the rules in force.

Sincerely Jan Kamras

For the Championship Committee


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