Sunway Sitges International Bridge Festival

sitgesThe Hotel Sunway Playa Golf & Spa Sitges is pleased to announce that it will host the Sunway International Bridge Festival of Sitges, from 3 to 11 December 2016, with more than 15,000 € in prize money.

The Hotel Sunway Playa Golf & Spa has organized the SUNWAY INTERNATIONAL BRIDGE TOURNAMENT weekend for four consecutive years. These bridge tournaments are unique in the city of Sitges (Barcelona). We can proudly look back at these weekends, which most players have thought successful. This year, we wanted to be more ambitious, and we decided to have a longer event. The tournament will last for 9 days from Saturday 3 to Sunday 11 December, inclusive.

The Festival will start on Saturday the 3rd December with a MIXED PAIRS TOURNAMENT. In this tournament of two sessions, pairs formed by two ladies will be acceptable. The movement type will be Mitchell, ie. pairs sitting in North / South will not move. The results of the first session will be added to those of the second and final session on Sunday. The prizes, worth a total of 3800 € (1000 € for the winners) will be distributed so that not only the winners will benefit.

On Monday, December the 5th, same sex pairs will compete against each other. We will provide the same colour shirts for everyone. The idea is to spend a nice evening and acquire unforgettable engraved photos. Total of 1070 € cash prizes not only for winners, pairs finishing close to 50%, 45% and 40% will have right to a prize too.

From Tuesday the 6th to Wednesday the 8th December, the event will be teams from 4 to 6 players each. Swiss scoring will be used with € 4500 in cash prizes.We expect a large turnout.

The main event of the Bridge Festival will be OPEN PAIRS with a total of 6000 € in prizes! We start on Friday the 9th at 8:30 pm (Canapés will be served halfway through), followed by Saturday the 10th at 5 pm and the last session will be held on Sunday 11th at 11 am. The movement type will be Mitchell and the results for the 3 days are cumulative. The Festival closes with the awards and a farewell cocktail.

There will also be SUPERVISED PRACTICE sessions, which will be in a relaxed atmosphere where anyone can ask questions if they are not sure what to bid or how to play or defend the hand.

GENTLE DUPLICATEs will also be held if there is enough demand, where at least one player in the pair is a relatively weak player. These duplicates are ideal for couples where one or both players are beginners or intermediate players.

The official website of the tournament contains all the Festival information (rules, registration fee, accommodation, etc), as well as the contact details of the Organization, in case you have any further questions: click here »


Sunway Sitges International Bridge Festival


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