Balicki-Żmudziński Case: Open letter from PBU to EBL

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PBU logoThe Polish Bridge Union (PBU) has sent the following open letter to EBL (European Bridge League), concerning the Balicki-Żmudziński Case.

Dear Mr. President,
Dear Yves,
Polish bridge community, players and officials alike, look forward to a clarification of a matter concerning a Polish pair which achievements and standing are not irrelevant to Polish bridge – that of Mr. Cezary Balicki and Mr. Adam Żmudziński. There had been doubts cast upon the above-mentioned pair’s fair play, but due proceedings which as it have seemed should be undertaken to resolve the matter have been lasting very long indeed – since 42nd World Bridge Teams Championships in Chennai, India a year passed and since 52nd European Team Championships in Opatija, Croatia from where an alleged body of evidence seemed to come passed more than two years. Former Polish Bridge Union Board didn’t undertake any explanatory proceedings against the pair waiting for EBL Disciplinary Commission decision. Until then we didn’t receive any information on the matter, nor any further steps/terms were clearly shown. Now we commence our league
competitions and as a Board we face a dilemma can the above-mentioned players participate in the competitions or not. Still our Disciplinary
Regulations don’t let us now start any proceedings because all statutory terms are long gone. In this situation we kindly request an information on a progress of the matter and on the estimated term of Commission’s works end. We are fully aware some proceedings must take time but on the other hand the matter in question is important to us as I have mentioned already. If Polish Bridge Union could be of any help in the proceedings, would You please let us know. I dare take the liberty to post this letter as the open one presenting it to Polish duplicate bridge community.

On behalf of Polish Bridge Union

Witold Stachnik

The President

Warszawa, 7th October 2016


The story – In September last year the WBF Credential Committee withdrew their invitation to the Bermuda Bowl in Chennai to the illustrious Polish stars, they were replaced by Piotr Gawrys and Michal Klukowski.  In May of this year the European Bridge League (EBL) president, Mr Yves Aubry, decided to refer the case to the EBL Disciplinary Commission, “as the pair are suspected of committing infractions of the laws of Bridge”.

Update October 11, 2016: EBL President, Mr Yves Aubry, sent an official answer to PBU President, Mr Witold Stachnik: click here »

Balicky-Zmudzinski  Case:

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