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Jean Charles AllavenaJan van Cleeff realized in Wroclaw an interview with Jean-Charles Allavena, President of Monaco Bridge Federation. We publish here an excerpt of the in interview, concerning the Fantoni – Nunes Case.

Jan van Cleeff: I know that in Italy Fantoni- Nunes appealed and everything remains there but there was also the verdict of EBL, did they appeal as well?

Jean-Charles Allavena: I don t know exactly the situation. I talked to Fulvio more than one month ago in Monaco: he was thinking with Claudio and their lawyers on the next steps of their action. Clearly he is not satisfied with the verdict. About the Italian verdict, now the case is closed but there were some strange things in the way they administrated the problem (refusing some points of the defense because too late, because not in Italy…). Anyway, I don’t want to talk about this. A lot of things are not finished and what is interesting for me, in any case and over the case of Fantoni- Nunes, is that finally –  it is what I was saying this morning in the Congress of the WBF –  both WBF and EBL have decided to work on this kind of problems.

You are a journalist and you know that we have been talking about the “cheating problem” for about 10-20-30 years and it was quite impossible to get a decision or to get something. Ok, we are not happy to be in the middle of the field, but in any case I think is very important that WBF and EBL treated the case.

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[English edition by Federica Buttò for Neapolitan Club]


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