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1st Online World Teams Event

The 1st Online World Teams Event is will be held from September 7 to October 20. This event is organized by Bridgehouse and will be hosted on BBO (Bridge Base Online).

The event will include a maximum of 76 teams. After 14 rounds of Swiss, the first 8 teams will play the Quarter-Finals.


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Bridgehouse Anti-Cheating rules

We all want to play as if we were playing in a live tournament. Bridgehouse fully adheres to the C.A.T. (Credentials Advisory Team) initiative. Players who are not considered by the C.A.T. recommendable to be invited will not be accepted in Bridgehouse tournaments. All the reports about suspicious hands will be forwarded anonymously to the C.A.T. Bridgehouse also has its own credentials committee which is happy to welcome all C.A.T. approved players. Anyway for the principle of zero tolerance applied to players who showed rude behaviours, it has the right to prevent registration to players without providing explanation.

We encourage the report of suspicious plays and/or bids. If you spot any suspicious behaviour please send an email to and the bridgehouse site ensure you anonymity and all emails will be forwarded to the Credentials Advisory Team and be evaluated by them. With the new technology it is possible to track IP addresses and to check where are anonymous kibitzers or nicknames and logged in from.



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