What happened in the Bermuda Bowl Today 10/21/2011

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What happened in the Bermuda Bowl Today Octorber 21, 2011. By Ana Roth and Fernando Lema. In the last match of the day, Italy defeated Poland 21-9. In board no. 30 Italy  gained 10 imps, then the two last great boards brings other 16 imps. The defeat leads Poland to the twelfth place and far from the 8th place. The Netherlands defeated Japan (18-12). USA2 shares second place with the Netherlands: the ‘boys’ have won well against Egypt 23-7. Italy, USA2 and The Netherlands leave behind all the other teams.

Third is Israel, followed by USA1, Iceland, Australia and China. Tomorrow is the last day of Round Robin: only the top eight teams move to knock-out stage. Between the eighth and the third team there is a distance of 63VP, so we can say that the first three teams are already classified.

In first today’s round Italy defeated Egypt 20-10 VP; in the second match Italy defeated Sweden 16 -14 VP; as we saw, in the third match Italy beat Poland. Italy has been very ruthless and has shown a faultless performance all over the Round Robin: following the Italian champions was really a pleasure!


Ana Roth and Fernando Lema



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