Walsh System notes: Forcing Notrump – by Rhoda Walsh (8)

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Annotations by Rhoda Walsh on the 1 Notrump game forcing  response in the “2 over 1 game forcing system” (Walsh System).  We publish here the last chapters: Chapter Four is devoted to passed hand bidding; in Chapter Five Rhoda explains how system works in competition. In the next article we’ll publish the complete table of contents of Rhoda’s work.


Walsh System Notes



 Forcing Notrump


Chapetr IV  Passed hand bidding


Forcing Notrump is off by a passed hand, but Semi-Forcing Notrump is on: Pass-Pass -1/1♠-Pass-1NT is semi-forcing. Opener, holding 14+ HCP, treats the 1NT response as forcing; i.e., Opener’s two of a minor rebid may be a three card suit.

Responder’s passed hand 1NT response to one of a major shows 6 to 12 HCP and denies a three or more card fit for Opener’s major.

It also denies a fair or better five or more card suit and 10+ HCP. Rationale: with that holding, a passed hand Responder makes a nonforcing two-over-one bid.

Responder also denies four or more spades if the opening bid was 1

Adjuncts: Since Forcing Notrump is off when Responder is a passed hand, the systemic sequences that utilize Forcing Notrump are also off, i.e.:

The non-constructive single raise is off: 1/1♠-1NT; any-2/2♠. A passed hand Responder makes a direct single raise holding either a non-constructive or a constructive single raise. The raise shows three or more trumps and 6-9 PSP. Nonforcing.

The delayed limit raise is OFF: 1/1♠-1NT; any- 3/3♠. A passed hand Responder uses Reverse Drury (10+ PSP) to show any limit raise or better. A Reverse Drury response shows three or more trumps. Forcing to two of the partnership major.

The delayed jump to 3NT is off: 1/1♠-1NT; any-3NT. In addition to Forcing Notrump being off, a passed hand Responder has insufficient high card points for this sequence.

Bergen Raises are off: 1/1♠-3♣/3. A passed hand Responder uses a raise of Opener’s major to the two level with a constructive raise, or Reverse Drury with a Limit Raise: 1/♠-2♣.

Splinters on a singleton are OFF: 1-3♠/4♣/4♦. A passed hand Responder uses Reverse Drury with a side singleton, and thereafter shows her singleton if Opener responds 2. The splinter by a passed hand Responder shows a void.



Chapter V In Competition


Forcing Notrump is off in any competition: 1/1♠-Dbl by Opp-1NT = Nonforcing.

– After a 1♠ overcall (of a 1 opening bid by partner), 1NT shows 6 to 10 HCP and a full spade stopper. Denies three or more hearts.

– After a takeout double by the opponent, 1NT shows 6 to 9 HCP. Denies a three or more card fit for Opener’s major. Denies four or more spades if the opening bid was 1.

Note: Holding 10+ HCP, Responder redoubles. After a 1 opening bid, the redouble denies four or more spades.


by Rhoda Walsh (Edited by Paolo Enrico Garrisi)

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