Turkish Cheating Case: Judgement issued by Youth and Sports Ministry

On June 2017, the Turkish Bridge Federation (TBF) started an investigation into the illegal transmission of signals between a player, Salim Yilankiran and a kibitzer, Zafer Tigan. The issue arose at a tournament in Ankara on June 4, 2017. The TBF Disciplinary Board concluded that Salim Yilankiran and Zafer Tigan acted against the ethics of the game and, therefore, they were banned for life. The players appealed the sentence to the highest sports authority in the country: the Arbitration Board determined that a lifetime was inappropriate and felt that that the sentence should be adjusted to a six months ban, the usual punishment for improper conduct in sports.




Sports General Management

Arbitration Board




BASIS NO: 2017/139

JUDMENT NO: 2017/244

JUDGEMENT DATE: 05/09/2017


REFUSER: Zafer Tigan


DEPUTY: Lawyer Levent Durak


REFUSE SUBJECT: Turkish Bridge Federation Discipline Board decision of date 05/07/2017, basis no 2017/2 and Decision 2017-7/1 decision no.


REFUSE SUBJECT EVENT: On Sunday, the 14th of May 2017 in Kuşadası, bridge players Salim Yılankıran and Zafer Tigan


Turkey Bridge Federation Summer Open Championships 2017 – Güven Erkaya Turkey Open Double Final and on 03-04 June 2017


On the account of the fact that;


In 2 different tournaments and during these tournaments, players were claimed to be playing by exchanging some information illegally including more than one hand.


During the tournament; Zafer Tigan, as a spectator sitting next to player Salim Yılankıran was helping the player Salim Yılankıran by looking at Yılankıran’s rivals’ hands and giving him some clues by his hand signals.


Zafer Tigan, as a spectator, by hand signals was transforming some information to Salim Yılankıran regarding the card distribution and numbers of Salim Yılankıran’s rivals.


During the tournaments, bridge player Salim Yılankıran was playing by getting illegal information from Zafer Tigan who was a spectator around the table.


With Turkish Bridge Federation Discipline Board decision of date 05/07/2017, basis no 2017/2 and Decision 2017-7/1;


By taking into consideration of all documents and information in the file with the plea of the complainee;


The actions of complainees Salim Yılankıran and Zafer Tigan, according to article 10 of Turkish Bridge Federation Discipline Instruction were found unsportsmanlike conduct, additionally this was declared to be an opposition to article 19 of the mentioned Instruction. This caused a situation that which one of these articles requiring more severe sanction should be applied.  Considering the nature, form and importance of the offence;  according to article 19 of Turkish Bridge Federation Discipline Instruction and by applying the article 38, it was ruled that each of them must be punished with permanent deprivation of rights. Upon the verdict, Zafer Tigan’s deputy Lawyer Levent Durak objected to this with the registration date 24/07/2017 petition and the file was examined.




When all information and documents was examined with the related articles;


The video exhibited into the file by Turkish Bridge Federation was examined  by our board. The mentioned refuser’s actions were testified, however while evaluating in terms of law, a mistake was made. The objection to article 19 which had the title Damaging Action of Turkish Bridge Federation Disicpline Instruction’s International Honour was accepted as this action of complainee did not have the characteristics of damaging action to the international honour. The verdict of 05/07/2017, basis no 2017/2 and Decision 2017-7/1 decision no was revoked. According to the reason of the revoke, because it was not necessary to start a new trial, refuser’s actions were found unsportsmanlike conduct according to the article 10. The density of the offence, the lenght of the actions, and the past and personality of the refuser  was taken into account. It was ruled that the refuser would get 6 month deprivation of rights punishment. Punishment will be applied by this edited revoke mentioned above.  The time length during precaution will be deducted from this 6 month. Application fee will be propounded into General Management Budget.


The verdict will be sent to Turkish Bridge Federation Presidency. With unanimous decision on the 5th of September 2017; according to article 40 in Constitution, additional 9/A article of code number 3289 and article 15 of Arbitration Board Regulations, the request to edit decision to Board can be sent within 10 days from the issue date.



Yılmaz AKÇİL              Mustafa ARTUÇ                  Mustafa DEMİREL

President                     President Deputy               Reporter


İlker PEKSEZER        Erdal DEMİR       Adnan HASANOĞLU       Tuba ÇELİK

Member                       Member               Member                         Member


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