The Golden Pair: Interview with Fantunes

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51st European Bridge Team Championships: 12-23 June 2012, Dublin (Ireland). Monaco grabbed Gold in Dublin. On Saturday 23rd of June 2012, after the Closing Cerimony, Claudio Nunes and Fulvio Fantoni have been interviewed live on BTCC  ( Channel), the new web TV produced by Neapolitan Club and Here we offer a summary of the interview run by Jan van Cleeff and Laura Cecilia Porro.

You made a very clear victory…

Fulvio: Clear but suffering victory. We suffered the last days, the last days were the hardest.


What was the toughest match?

Claudio: The toughest match was against Italy because we lost 22 to 8, but the important thing is that at the end we won.

Some say that European championships are even stronger than World championships. Do you agree?

Fulvio: I do not know if they are stronger but there are many strong teams, there are some poor teams in the world championships, but here there are 12 or 14 very good teams here at the Europeans.


Did Krzysztof Martens, your coach, say something about your system?

Claudio: Not yet, but after this championship he wants to work on slam bidding.


What are your plans? Do you live in Monaco already?

Claudio: We split between Monaco and Roma when we are not around the world.


I saw a picture of Helgemo helping you moving a TV in your Monaco apartment…

Fulvio: No, it is the other way around. I was helping Helgemo moving his television in his apartment!


Do you all live together in Monaco?

Fulvio:  Claudio and I have one very big apartment, but we have separate rooms. I see him all the time when we play, I do not like to see him any more!

How was your system born?

Fulvio: The inspiration came from Carlo Mosca. I tried it for a while with two friends of mine, Danilo  and Norberto  (around 1997).  Then,  when I came back to play with Claudio (after 3 years of break) we put the system together.


Why is the system not published?

Fulvio: I suppose to publish the system you should write it very well, it is written now, but not in proper form. We do not have time to do it and do not want to do it at the moment.

Let’s say someone from another country wanted to play your system, would you let them?

Fulvio: We would like that, if they asked we would help them. Some Australian guy has a book on the system, he watched all the hands we played, so even if it is not right down to the last detail he has the structure of it.

Martens said it is bidding which brings the swings in. Do you agree with this? During the championships we mostly saw swings coming in from your amazing defence and play rather than bidding.

Claudio: Bidding creates swings sometimes to us sometimes to opponents but more often to us than opponents.

Fulvio: The system creates swings, because the auction is different at our table than at the other table.


June 28, 2012

BTCC team

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