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Barry Rigal so entitled in his Bulletin: “Italy dominant”. In fact “…They trounced their opponents…to qualify undefeated for the finals”. The Italians in final met Sweden: Fredrik Nystrom, Peter Bertheau, Peter Fredin, Bjorn Fallenius. The Swedish are strong, isn’t it? The same Rigal wrote in Bridgewinners: “[In final] After 24 deals the Lavazza juggernaut continues; they still have not quite managed to pitch a shut out…but in each of the first two sets they basically conceded one double figure swing and the equivalent of an overtrick. They lead 145-27. Awesome!”.

The overall result was 160,5 to 66.

And Serge De Muller (Argentina) said: “Brilliant Norberto Bocchi who smashed Sweden alone, he had the right bid at the right time”.

Third came USA Hampson: Geoff Hampson, Fred Gitelman, Joe Grue, Curtis Cheek. In the fourth place there is Japan: Masayuki Ino, Tadashi Teramoto, Kazuo Furuta, Hirok Yokoi, Tadashi Imakura. wrote of Japanese Team: “Italy’s Lavazza outplayed Japan in the second half of their encounter in the knockout phase. The Italians played very well (no surprise), but the Japanese put up a good fight with many excellent results. 

We Italians are sorry to don’t see in high places the other Italian Team, that of Romain Zaleski: Zaleski, Lorenzo Lauria, Alfredo Versace, Valerio Giubilo. They fell in the qualifying round.

These are the winners of Maria Teresa Lavazza: Norberto Bocchi, Agustin Madala, Giorgio Duboin, Antonio Sementa. Other comments need not: words as “awesome” are enough to tell the 2011 Yeh Bros Cup.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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