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PBU logoToday Mr Radosław Kiełbasiński, President of PBU (Polish Bridge Union), has issued a long statement to reconstruct the correct sequence of events regarding the Balicki – Żmudziński ‘s Affair.

With the precious help of our Polish contributor Adrian Orlowski, we provide here the English translation of the document:


Dear colleagues,

Most recent events associated with the exchange of a pair in open team for WTC (World Team Championships) in Chennai raised many questions. The PBU (Polish Bridge Union) was forced to act swiftly:

  • 1  I received the first information about one of our pair’s alleged transgressions late evening on September 25th. The entire team had already gone to Chennai.


  • 2  On September 26th at 11pm I landed in Chennai, where I received a message that earlier WBF Credential Committee had made the following decision:

a. Balicki-Zmudzinski’s invitation to take part in WTC is withdrawn without giving reason

b. PBU is authorised to augment the team with another pair (attachment 1).


  • 3  On September 26th  at 9pm the Polish team’s representatives requested clarification of the above decision from the head of the WBF Credential Committee, Yves Aubry. Yves Aubry’s reply was that the allegations had not been considered, but the WBF had the right to retract the invitation for Balicki-Zmudzinski according to the WBF law.


  • 4  On September 27  at 1am we held a meeting attended by all (Polish) players and administration board members present on site, during which:

a. the players expressed willingness and readiness to participate in the WTC, stating that they see no reason to withdraw from the Bermuda Bowl.

b. All present administration board members expressed full support for the team’s participation in the Bermuda Bowl (it has to be emphasised that at no point did the EBL/WBF representatives addressed any members of the Polish delegation, including the players, with even the slightest suggestion that the team should be withdrawn).

c. Answering the captain’s initiative, backing my decision with the PBU statute, I made a decision to summon Piotr Gawryś – Michał Klukowski as the third pair.

d. I obliged my colleague, Slawomir Latala, to contact the players as soon as possible, and, should they accept the invitation, organise their arrival.

e. Piotr Gawryś and Michał Klukowski had agreed to take part in the WTC in Chennai and arrived on site on 30 September at 4pm (for that I would like to thank them both).


  • 5  On September 27th 2015 at 10 a meeting was held with the WBF president, during which I had asked why the invitation for Balicki-Zmudzinski had been withdrawn. President Rona replied that the WBF has the right to withdraw the invitation for any player without having to state any reasons.


  • 6  On September 29 2015 a press conference was held, during which the EBL president, Yves Aubry,  confirmed that so far no investigation was being led against any pairs whose actions raised suspicions. (On 13th September 2015 the president of EBL created an EBL commission whose task is to investigate honesty of some of the pairs that participated in the recent EBL team championships in Opatija).


  • 7  On September 28 I made a decision to hold a PBU board meeting, during which the matter at hand will be thoroughly discussed. The meeting will take place on October 15th, 2015.


  • 8  On October 2nd the PBU contacted the WBF regarding reasons for withdrawing the invitation for pair Balicki-Zmudzinski (attachment 2).



Radosław Kiełbasiński

President of the PBU



source: PBU 




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