Polish Bridge Union: Letter to WBF

Dear Mr President, Dear Gianarrigo,

Let me respond to your last email informing about the WBF Executive Council’s resolution related to the Russian invasion on Ukraine and possible consequences of organizing the World Bridge Series in Wrocław in August 2022. The EC resolution resolved in disbelief and strong disappointment amongst the Polish bridge community. The whole civilized world is shocked by Russian inhumanity and war crime actions in Ukraine, tragedies of civilians, shelling of buildings, houses, hospitals, schools, kindergartens and other public areas. Millions of people were left without, or forced to leave their homes and to find peace and care in other countries.

Out of  more than 4 million of Ukrainian refugees, half found their new home in Poland. The Polish society in an unprecedented way opened its arms to our Ukrainian sisters and brothers welcoming them at private homes and in special refugee centers. This spontaneous action is a joint effort of Polish people, self governments, government, companies, churches and charity institutions.  At the same time Poland extends financial, military, logistics, food and medical help to Ukraine. All these efforts are highly appreciated by the international community. In this context the Polish Bridge Union expected support and understanding from the World Bridge Federation. At least in a way of confirming its willingness for organizing the Championships in Wrocław. Other Polish sport federations received such words of sympathy and no international sport event has been cancelled in Poland due to current developments.

We would like to stress that although the war is close to Poland, it is not in Poland. If it is in Poland, all NATO countries will be involved and then it would be unimaginable to organize any world championships wherever. If one doubts about hosting this event in Wrocław, the same could be said about Turkey, Germany, France, Italy or any other country, even a neutral one like Sweden or Switzerland. Putin’s long-term strategy has been to divide western countries, create mess, confusion and lack of confidence. He wants us to retreat and not to push back. I’m very sorry to say this, but the adopted resolution of the EC is exactly in line with Russian expectations.  Poland, the Polish bridge community strongly opposes such reaction to current events in Ukraine and calls the World Bridge Federation to continue cooperation with the Polish Bridge Union on organizing the World Bridge Series in free, peaceful, hospitable and safe Wrocław in August 2022.

Dear Mr President, I ask you kindly to publish our letter on the WBF site.

Yours sincerely,

Marek Michałowski

PBU President


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