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PBU: No Proceedings against Nowosadzki

The Polish Bridge Union (PBU) announced that Discipline Department will not initiate a disciplinary proceedings against Michał Nowosadzki.

The Polish world class player confessed that, playing in BBO, he entered as a fake kibitzer in order to snatch unauthorized information from opponents and partner’s hands.

According Polish Discipline Department the cheating happened  during an online play no related to PBU. More, Nowosadzki played in a team of a foreign sponsor and he did not formally represent Poland.

Mr Jacek Grzelczak, Chairman of  PBU Discipline Department, wrote:

“On the basis of the relevant disciplinary regulations the Polish Federation decided to not initiate disciplinary proceedings in the above-mentioned case. Justification – The disciplinary Commission saw the letter published on BridgeWinners on 13.07.2020 entitled “Confession of A Self-Kibitzer” in which the author Michał Nowosadzki admits to online cheating.

In the course of the explanatory proceedings, I received an exhaustive explanation of the course and circumstances of events described in the publication, which is the reason for the initiation of the proceedings. I do not have a doubt that the behaviour is reprehensible and impossible in any way to justify.

Illegal activities invalidate sports competitions in the worst possible way, and damage both opponents and bridge as a discipline.

Nevertheless, the competitions in which he cheated occurred at  an online platform of a foreign country. The organiser was a private entity without any connection to the Polish Federation and associated bodies. Michał Nowosadzki in these competitions played in the team of a foreign sponsor, so he was not formally representing Poland or the Federation.”


source: PBU (English translation by Neapolitan Club)

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