P&B: Some Questions to WBF Head Tournament Director Antonio Riccardi

Laura Camponeschi: You are directing several tournaments on RealBridge: what do you think about playing online on this platform?

Antonio Riccardi: On Realbridge we can marry the technical aspects and professionalism, with the social and fun aspects we were longing for. I feel players are more relaxed compared to face to face and to other online platforms. It is easier to trear opponents and partners badly, when you are not looking at them. On the contrary, looking people in the eyes, even though through a webcam, discourages rude behaviour. With Peace&Bridge, Alfredo wanted to bring back the joy of table presence, whilst reducing stress, which is inevitable in competitions but can lead to unacceptable behaviours.


LC: What is the atmosphere during the p&b tournaments? Did people appeal the TD’s decisions?

AR:We had a few calls and an appeal, but we dealt with it amicably, including through an email exchange for further clarification.


LC: What are the criteria to access a FIGB tournament on Realbridge?

AR: Criteria to access online tournaments differ from those to access face to face events. Face to face, when tourists want to play in a club in Italy, they just need their NBO’s membership. Online, tournaments have to be organised by clubs recognised / affiliated to the Italian Federation and players must be members of the FIGB (not any NBO). The FIGB membership requirement applies to only bridge only.



Laura Camponeshi for Peace&Bridge

Originally posted at Peace&Bridge Bulletin #6


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