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Online Bridge Events (3): E-OPEN

Due to the pandemic restrictions, all live bridge events have been canceled. As result, several organisations were created to run online events. In this article we introduce you the E-OPEN.

The E-OPEN concept was invented by  Luc Bellicaud, Stefan Skorchev and Christophe Grosset: they organize online tournaments aimed at all level players. E-OPEN also-provide deleyed vugraphs (with commentary from top players) and video-bulletins.

E-OPEN also organized exhibition match between the Canadian and French under-20 teams, and between the French Federation Team and the Norwegian Federation Team.

E-OPEN tournaments are played in BBO – BridgeBaseOnline.  Kibitzers at the table are not allowed but viewers are welcome to join the live TV stream that boradcast matches 15 minutes delayed.




Anti-cheating policies: “In the unfortunate event that we reach a point where someone is strongly suspected of illegal activities, we may exclude this person from the tournament and inform their NBO about the results of our investigation.” (E-OPEN)



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