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BBO is an internet site where bridge players from all over the world come together. Players from various nationalities meet at BBO and enjoy high quality Internet Bridge. BBO has high standards and keep improving itself with the help of its support staff and Professional managers. You can both learn and play bridge at this site, while at the same time test your bridge level at tournaments organized within BBO. There are several clubs within the BBO structure. One of the most successful and highest quality clubs is BBOTURKIYE.

Since its foundation, bboturkiye manager and TDs have never made any concessions on the principles of the club, which are namely honesty, justice, fairness and hospitality. Therefore, you can enjoy bridge at an elite environment.

As it is an international site, you can both play with your regular friends while at the same time have the opportunity to make new friends during the tournaments since bboturkiye does not differentiate between nationalities and all are welcome to club tournaments.

In addition to the prizes paid for each tourney winner, bboturkiye makes $500 extra prize payment to its top winners each week, plus $1000 is paid to monthly top players every month, totaling to $3000 extra each month. So at every week end, you enjoy the prizes paid for your successful performance.

You can have the privilege of playing with national bridge champions as they also prefer to enjoy bridge at our club. Club manager and Tournament Director embrace everyone without any discrimination. We appreciate our loyal and elite players; such valuable players are honored in our VIP list. This way, we can share our appreciation and caring of our good players via VIP listings.

You can enjoy the feeling of respect and care at our club while enjoying prizes given according to your success. Membership of BBOTURKIYE means becoming a member of our family.

You are more than welcome to our club.




March 17, 2012

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