Nowosadzki Affaire: WBF Statement

The Management Committee of the WBF took note of the confession made by Michal Nowosadzki, admitting his cheating during the online tournaments of the last three months and, whilst underlining the fact that online bridge competitions organised by private groups do not have any relation with the WBF and its organisation, unanimously on behalf of the WBF:

1. reaffirms its strong revulsion, unwavering rejection and firm condemnation of this kind of aberrant and unacceptable behaviour which, wherever and whenever it occurs, causes great harm to bridge and threatens its credibility;

2. reiterates its full support of the players in the fight against cheating and improper behaviour, adopting all measures needed to prevent and to repress these actions;

3. remarks that participation in WBF events is subject to the approval of the Credentials Committee, which carefully considers all submitted requests regarding players involved in suspicious cases, wherever and whenever they occurred.

Lausanne, 20 July 2020
Gianarrigo Rona
WBF President


Source: WBF

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