Norberto Bocchi’s interviews (3): Diego Brenner

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Norberto Bocchi - Diego Brenner

Taking advantage of the 4th International Open Bridge of Barcelona,  an international player, the WGM Norberto Bocchi interviews the best bridge players participating in the event for CSBNews. Now online his interview to Diego Brenner.

Diego Brenner is an excellent professional Bridge player and a World Life Master of the WBF. Diego was born on May 4th 1974, in Brazil, and currently resides in Barcelona. Amongst his teammates we can mention: Gabriel Chagas Filho, Miguel Villas Boas Filho, Mauricio Figueiredo, Marcelo de Lima Castello Branco, Norberto Bocchi, Carlos Pellegrini, Agustin Madala. Diego achieved  many excellent results in several international events.

Norberto Bocchi interviews Diego Brenner

Norberto Bocchi:  Why did Bridge seduce you?

Diego Brenner: Not only bridge is a very exciting and rewarding game from an intellectual point of view. What fascinated me was the chance to compete against very experienced players knowing  hoping that one day I could become one of the best. I think I did, but I still try to achieve more success in this world.

NB: What system do you play with your partner?

DB: I play with many different partners and play many systems, according to the partner, but the base is always the natural system. The conventions are different, but the general idea is to have enough tools to be able to reach an ideal contract, hoping to overcome opponents scientifically.

NB:  How would you define your bridge style?

DB: I’m a pretty aggressive player, whenever I have a possible escape. The contract I end up playing, either stretching or unconventionally, is not usually absurd. This style puts enough pressure on the opponents and my experience proves that it is very difficult to play against players who bid a lot.

NB: What was your first Bridge book?

NB: It was a good book, but pretty basic: “El Carteo En El Bridge Moderno” by Pierre Jais and Michel Lebel.

NB: Was there any player who influenced your Bridge?

DB: Many. I could mention a lot of them … Surely the Italian Blue Team, Cintra, Chagas, Branco, Hamman, the Italians now, and all the players I’ve seen play with passion and technique.

NB:  What is the greatest quality in your partner?

DB: Not to make comments based on the result and to always seek a solution to problems, rather than finding who to blame.

NB: What is your favorite tournament?

DB: The Bermuda Bowl. It is the ecstasy  of competitive Bridge.

NB:  What was your greatest joy in Bridge?

DB: There are so many! But I want to mention two, an older and a newer one: winning the World Transnational Teams with Gabriel Chagas in 2001 when I was very young and winning the Campeonato Brasileiro two years ago with my good friend Agustin Madala. Winning the trials in Brazil and the South American Championships with my friend and teammate Marcelo Castello Branco are also very pleasant memories, no doubt.

NB: Ignoring your regular partner, with what player would you like to take part in a big event?

DB: Agustin Madala. I have never played with Giorgio Duboin and I would love to have the opportunity to do so one day. We are good friends and I admire him both as a person and as a player.

NB: What pair would you choose today to have as teammates in the other room?

DB: Bocchi – Madala, surely. I played with both of them and I know they are impressive players, always very focused and ready to annihilate the enemy at any time. They are a powerful partnership, they lose very few points, they create difficult situations for their opponents and they study hard. They’re my friends, this is true … But what else could you want from a partnership?

NB:  Do you have a cabala when you sit at the table to play?

DB: No game against people with bare feet.

 NB: Favorite Music? Some authors outside the Bridge? Some favorite sport, are you a fan of some football team? Favorite actor or actress? Any painter or artist?

DB: I like Rock, in general. As writers I like Herman Hesse and Gabriel García Marquez. I’m very fond of surf. My favorite actors are Al Pacino and Julianne Moore. Painters? I love Picasso.

 NB:  What do you do in your spare time when you are not playing Bridge?

 DB: I play the guitar, sing, cook, go out at night, go to concerts, surf and now I started playing poker online.

Muchas gracias, Diego!

Adios y hasta muy pronto

Norberto Bocchi


English translation by Ana Roth for CSBNews and Neapolitan Club

February 1, 2013


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