New Zeland Bridge: Anti-cheating Policies

The New Zeland Bridge  (NZB) posted the followings:

It should be clearly understood by all members that the same Laws, Rules and Regulations that apply at the bridge table apply in relation to any online bridge sessions that a member participates in. The current NZ Bridge Manual (page A28) now contains the following, namely:

“All Bridge sessions organised by Clubs or Regions, including online bridge, come under the auspices of NZ Bridge. The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017 and the Regulations set out in the Manual including the Code of Conduct apply to online bridge but with any modifications that are necessary due to the differences between online bridge and face to face bridge.

In addition, and for the avoidance of doubt, the following regulations also apply to online bridge.

a) The obtaining of any information about any hand, other than information obtained by proper means during the play of the hand is prohibited. (Law 16);

b) Communication during play, between partners, by any means other than via the online platform is prohibited;

c) Logging on to the online platform under more than one account simultaneously, during play, is prohibited: and

d) Any breach of a), b) or c) above is a serious transgression of the proprieties of bridge.”


source: NZB


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