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Meaning of 4H – 4S? New online poll

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New online poll proposed by This year’s Cavendish Invitational Pairs was decided on the penultimate board of the fifth and last session. The opponents of the winners – Fred Stewart and Kit Woolsey – booked a bizarre result reaching 4S as East-West. The bidding went short and sweet (or sour):

West North East South

Smirnov Stewart Piekarek Woolsey

4H Pass 4S All Pass

Interesting to note that even one of Europe’s best pairs experienced a huge misunderstanding. Obviously East-West had different ideas of what 4♠ meant. 4♠ minus five brought in just enough cross-imps for North-South to win the event.

Meaning of 4H – 4S?

 These are the 3 options:

4 over partner’s 4 is always to play

4 over partner’s 4 is RKC

4 over partner’s 4 is a cuebid agreeing hearts

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