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Maureen Hiron: Was I a cheat?

The  IBPA (International Bridge Press Association) Bulletin posted the followings:

Was I a cheat?

When I first started playing, and in a very tough school (the Acol Club), I got results very quickly.  After just six weeks of bridge – from scratch – I was introduced to a guy, Dave Maeer, who had recently come down from university and was a fair player. We started playing together, and he sort of brainwashed me into playing a slightly weird (but legal) system, sort of Acolised Baron, which I thought was ’standard’. We started getting results well above our – at the time – combined abilities, and I started hearing mutterings against me. I was doing nothing unethical. It was just that I ‘knew’ what to do in the bidding – like I could see into Dave’s hand. And he did nothing to tip me off.

So – was I cheating?
As I became a better player – even making it into the British Ladies National Team – where I could hardly play with Dave (his face fungus and height would have given the game away), I could get good results with other players, but not with the ease that I did with Dave.

All best wishes,

Maureen Hiron, Málaga, Spain


Source: International Bridge Press Association (IBPA) Bulletin August 10, 2020

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