Madala: I Support Peace&Bridge

Laura Camponeschi: What is the impact of online tools on bridge?

Agustin Madala: I love feeling the cards in my hands. To play bridge or any other card game, you need the table feeling. I played very little online at the beginning, but then I started playing more since it looks like we won’t be able to come back to face to face for a while still.

LC: After Maria Teresa’s passing, what does the future hold for Lavazza’s team?

AM: If the pandemic were not enough, 2020 also brought us this sadness. A devastating loss for the world of bridge and for us, who were like family. I think each of us will go their separate ways, the Lavazza Team is not playing at the moment.

LC: Who is the player who brings out the best in you and why?

AM: It is easy to play with Lorenzo, Alfredo, Norberto and Giorgino. Antonio Sementa and I struggle more as a pair because of our personalities. I am happy with Dennis Bilde, he is a good solid player, who deeply understands natural bridge and always makes things clear to his partners.

LC: What do you think about Alfredo’s project ‘Peace and Bridge’?

AM: I agree with him: I am very supportive of this initiative and all people involved in it.


Laura Camponeschi

Originally posted at Peace&Bridge Bulletin #4


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